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Vision, Mission & Objectives


Together  we  will  discover  the  realm of  technology and  leadership  and  continuously  strive  to  develop our  knowledge,  know how,  wisdom  and  character  to  best  serve  the  mankind  in  21st  century.


  • Consolidate  on the  fundamentals  of existing  knowledge  and  explore emerging   technologies  in our  specialties.
  • Create  an environment  of  academic  excellence  with  seriousness  of purpose  while  giving  freedom  essential  for  research,  innovation  and  creativity so  that  learning  becomes   pleasure  and  joy.
  • Emphasize  on  ‘Learning  to  Learn’ , a  zeal  for  lifelong  learning  and  ‘Learning  to  Live  Together’
  • Develop  design  skills  by  integrating  knowledge  from  other disciplines,  abilities  to  adapt  to  new  ideas  and  apply  knowledge through  creative  problem  solving.
  • Prepare  engineers  who  will  work  together  in  cross  functional teams,  have  a  penchant  for  collaboration  and  provide  significant leadership  beyond  the  technology.
  • Attract,  recruit,  retain  and  develop  high  quality  students,  faculty and  staff  body  and  provide  motivating  environment.

College  Objectives

  1. Primary  focus  of  teaching  shall be  to  strengthen  the  fundamentals of  basic  sciences  and technical  specialties  with  emphasis  on  design  methodologies ,  emerging  technologies  and problem  solving  approach.
  2. Achieve   academic  excellence  through  innovative  and  student  centric teaching – learning processes,  research  orientation,  exposure to  industrial /manufacturing  processes   and  industry experts,   use of   IT  and  a continuous   system  of  evaluation  and  feedback.
  3. Establish  networking  systems  between the departments,  institutes,  industries,  R & D organizations and   with  other  sectors  of  education  with complementary  characteristics.
  4. Development  of  soft skills ,  cultivation of  social  and  moral values  and  creating  consciousness  of the  environment  shall be  the primary emphasis  and the  responsibility  of  every   teacher.
  5. Expanding   facilities  for  sports ,  creative  work  and  cultural   activities   in the   institute  for   overall  development  of  the   students.
  6. Create  an  inspiring  environment  so that  everyone   performs  at   his/ her  best. The  college   shall   take   such   measures  to  provide  resources  and   opportunities   for   career  advancement  and  personal  growth  of   the  staff.