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Code Of Conduct

  • Our college enjoys a very high reputation in the field of professional education, mainly due to the excellent performance and conduct of the students and sound academic infrastructure. Our students  are recognized by their exemplary conduct within and outside the campus.  To consistently maintain this high standard, all students are expected to follow the Code of Conduct.

  • The very first requirement of a competent professional is to be a good person. Development of a pleasant and positive personality is a continuous process which can be achieved by unlearning wrong and practicing good habits.  Therefore do right things, right first time and every time.

  • Be courteous and respectful to faculty, staff and senior students. Be cordial, helpful and tolerant in your relationship with fellow students.  While explaining your views to others, be firm and clear but polite. Grievances, if any, may be addressed through proper grievance procedure i.e. Faculty-HOD- Director.

  • Be regular and punctual in attending classes.  Mandatory requirement of attendance is 75% in each subject (theory/practical).  Internal evaluation has weight age of 25% for attendance, 25% for teachers’ assessment and 50% for test/practical records.  Examination form will not be forwarded to the university if attendance in any subject (theory/practical) falls below 75%.

  • Maintain the necessary class discipline and fulfill your academic requirements/assignments with sincerity and well in time.

  • Adhere to the rules/ instructions and timings of the library, laboratories, accounts and other offices. Pay your fee and other dues well in time.

  • The college follows the policy of Zero Tolerance against any act of ragging.  All Cases of ragging will be dealt in accordance with the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court and the Government.

  • To promote sense of belonging and equality, dress code has been specified. Students are required to follow the same.

  • Chewing tobacco, pan, consuming alcohol and smoking is prohibited.  You would enjoy a better health without these vices.

  • Do not litter the campus or leave your foot prints on the walls or damage the property of the institute.

  • The college, for safety reasons, does not encourage use of personal transport.

  • Keep your parents/guardian informed about your academic progress and welfare regularly.

  • Do not create any nuisance in town or public place.  Be concerned about other’s right to peace.

  • Avoid noise pollution and maintain peace and tranquility of environment.

  • Be concerned about conserving water, electricity and the environment.

  • Lead a well rounded life and enjoy your growing years. You would cherish the memories of your alma mater in times to come.