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Research & Consultancy

Research is at the heart of any business school. SDBCE keenly promote research at differ level : students, faculty and the institute as a entirely. Faculty is encouraged to undertake research projects on their own or in collaboration with faculty from other disciplines / institutions. Some of the researches done in the past are in areas like Finance, marketing, strategy, brand building, brand revitalization, consumer behavior, rural marketing, impact of organization redesigning, leadership, motivation, organization behavior, Human Resources management, e-services management and credit market transformations, entrepreneurship and impact of climate change on Small and medium enterprises, at last but not the least we have also conducted research of social welfare, like School chale hum & Medical Insurance facility for below poverty line people. The research sphere of the College works to promote the researching expertise of the faculty and students by encouraging them to explore, experiment and express. Faculty is confident to present papers in national / international conferences of repute, which enables them to association and carry out collaborative research. RESEARCH PAPERS The Institute encourages faculty to participate and present quality research in various national and international conferences. Number of papers presented in various conferences for the few ears is given below:

  • “Micro Finance Loans- Enhancing Business or Meeting Personal Expenses.

The following are the research publications of the department faculties.

Dr. Gaurav Rajput
  1. Some Innovations in MicroFinance Models at National Conference in SVIM, Indore (2011)
Ms. Geetanjali Bhambani
  1. Blue Ocean Strategy - competing in Turbulent times with reference to SAMSUNG mobiles at JBIM, Mumbai, International conference 2012 ISBN-978-93-82062-02-08
  2. Triple -1 your best way to be professional at SRITS, Bhopal 2012, National Conference
  3. Leadership is not everybody's cup of teas at RIT, Indore 2011 National conference
  4. Contribution of Blue collar. Workers in sustainable growth at BIRTS 2011, National conference
Mr. Kapil Vaishnav
  1. Utility of training in International assignments and in managing diversity in context to GHRM - 2011