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Research & Consultancy

EC Collage

The new era will begin with research in new fields. Research increases the dimensions of a person to understand the subject. For this we are developing the environment which motivates student’s community and the masses in general. In continuation of the development our faculties are also analyzing the literature available on their topics of interest regularly. VLSI, Embedded Systems, Communication Systems, RF are few areas in which faculties are involved in depth. The technology and products like microcontroller based systems, face and fingerprint recognition software, handwriting analyzing  software etc. are being developed by the faculties and students of the department and are introduced to the society in the form of consultancy services. We also extend our services to research scholars in most of electronics and communication domains like VLSI design, embedded systems, communication systems etc. The department has shown its caliber in the following researches: Caliper (Artificial leg) Mr. Imran Baig with his caliper Main features:

  • Comfortable- It can be used for a long time
  • It is very light weight only 500g traditional calipers are very heavy though.
  • Its cost is very less only Rs. 700/- traditional calipers are very costly up to 6000/-.
  • Its Knee lock is self adjustable that can be bent from 10° to 180°.
  • It can be adjusted itself on rough surface too.
  • Very useful for polio victims.