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Program Educational Objectives

EC Collage

The educational objectives of the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering are in alignment with the vision, mission and objectives of the Institute. These were formulated as part of our latest curriculum revision of Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs and are effective from May 2012.

    • Electronics & Communication Engineering Graduates will achieve a higher level of technical expertise and leadership that will make them suitable to make positions in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering practices or research, and in other fields they choose to pursue.
    • Graduates will have sufficient depth of understanding of the fundamental areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering to enable them for success in today’s workplace.
    • Graduates will produce engineering applications that are based on sound principles and that consider functionality, aesthetics, cost effectiveness and sustainability.
    • Graduates will have the skills to function as ethically responsible professionals.
    • Graduates will be prepared to assume leadership role in addressing some of the technical issues of the society.
    • Graduates will be prepared to undertake lifelong learning.