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Research & Consultancy

Every technology begins with the research and its implementation is always possible through consultation. The purpose of having Research and Consultancy in the department is to bring students near to changing trends There are various research groups in the department comprising database, data warehousing & mining, software engineering & testing, wireless & mobile distributed system, network & network security, programming languages, computer architecture, and system software.

The following are the research publications of the department faculties.

Dr. Ruchi Vijaywargiya
  1. 09 Research Paper
Mr. Atul Agrawal
  1. International Paper- 08
  2. National Paper -04
Ms. Mamta Punjabi
  1. 4 Research Publications
  2. International Conference by IISC, Bangalore Exploring Associative Classification Technique for Predictive Analytics using W-U framwork
  3. International Conference by Chithara University, Punjab, organized by Springer, Germany Exploring AC Tech. using WV Association Rules for predictive Analytics
  4. National Conference on GA-Based Test Data generation for Branch Coverage Testing by Vaish College of Engineering, Rohtak
  5. National Conference on Architecture and Implementation for Automatic Extraction of Metadata in Electronic Documents by Vaish College of Engineering, Rohtak
Mrs. Namrata Sharma
  1. Generation of UML Diagrams From Java Code Through Reverse Engineering, IJECCE Volume-3, Issue-3, April-2012
  2. Reverse Engineering - An Intermediate Step towards Re-engineering - Foundation of Computer Science, New York USA, NTSACT
  3. Reverse Engineering in National Technical Symposium on Advancements in Computing Technologies, Sangamne Maharashtra
Mrs. Reena Karandikar
  1. Paper publication-
  2. Proposed solution to prevent Black hole attack (28-29 feb. 2012)
  3. A Framework for Design pattern detection(28-29 Feb. 2012)
  4. Cloud computing for mobile automation (December 2011)