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Department Faculties

Head of Department
Mrs. Varsha Zokarkar has a splendid academic carrier, spanning over 13 years, which entails glorious mentorship of various graduate and undergraduate programs. She has also organized co-curricular activities. She coordinated many 'Tech-Fests' and 'Annual Functions'. Under her guidance and inspiration, students from corresponding institutes have achieved great heights in academic and co-curricular activities.
Dr. Ruchi Vijaywargiya (PhD(Computer Engineering) ,M.E.(Computer Engineering) ,B.E.)
Mrs. Varsha Zokarkar (M.Tech. (Computer Science) ,M.Sc. (Electronics) ,B.Sc. (PCM) )
Assistant Professor
Mr. Atul Agrawal (M.Tech(CSE) ,B.E.(CSE))
Ms. Mamta Punjabi (M.Tech (Software Engg.) ,BE (Computer Science) )
Mrs. Namrata Sharma (M.Tech (Information Tech.) ,BE (Information Tech.) )
Ms. Nikita Verma (ME(Software Engg) ,BE(Computer Science))
Ms. Pramila Patidar (ME (Computer Science & Engg.) ,BE (Information Tech.))
Ms. Rachna Raghuvanshi (ME(Computer Science) ,BE (Information Tech.))
Mrs. Reena Karandikar (M.Tech (Software Engg.) ,B.E. (Computer Science) )
Mrs. Sonal Vishwakarma (M.Tech (Information Tech.) ,BE (Information Tech.) , )
Ms. Sonali Koranne (ME(Software Engineering) ,BE(CSE))
Mr. Manish Jhangiani (BE (Computer Science) )