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Program Educational Objectives


The following program education objectives are developed with the goal of preparing students to enter a modern civil engineering workforce and to be successful in their career and profession. The educational objectives are consistent with the university, college and department missions as well. The objectives are:

    1. To ensure that graduates will have a mastery of fundamental knowledge, problem solving skills, engineering experimental abilities, and design capabilities necessary for entering civil engineering career and/or graduate school.
    1. To produce graduates that have the knowledge and skills necessary for identifying and assessing design alternatives and the related social, economic, environmental, and public safety impacts.
    1. To produce graduates who have verbal and written communication skills necessary for successful professional practice.
    1. To prepare graduates to function effectively on teams.
    1. To prepare graduates to deal with ethical and professional issues, taking into account the broader societal implications of civil engineering.
  1. To prepare graduates for professional licensure, leadership roles and life-long learning.