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Department Faculties

Head of Department
Dr. Vikesh Gupta is an excellent teacher and a well-known researcher. He has 8 International Publications to his credit. He is a true academician and a constant source of support and inspiration for the students.
Vikesh Gupta
Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Evelyn R. Gaikwad (Ph.D (Australian Literature) ,M.A (English Literature) ,B.A (English Literature))
Dr. Vikesh Gupta (Ph.D (physics) ,M.Sc ( physics) ,B.Sc (Computer Sci.))
Mrs. Abhilasha Sharma (M.Phil (Mathematics) ,M.Sc (mathematics) ,B.Sc (Computer Science) )
Ms. Madhuri Verma (M.Sc. (Chemistry) ,B.Sc. (Chemistry) )
Mr. Manish Sharma (M.Phil (Mathematics) ,M.Sc (mathematics) ,B.Sc (Mathematics) )
Ms. Neha Yadav (M.Sc (Mathematics) ,B.Sc (Computer))
Ms. Nidhi Bhandari (M.Phil (Mathematics) ,M.Sc (Mathematics) ,B.Sc. (Computer Science) , )
Dr. Rekha Dhoot (Ph.D (English Literature) ,M.Phill (English Literature) ,M. Phill (English Literature) ,B.H.Sc (Home Science))
Mr. Sanjay Jain (M.Tech (Laser Physics) ,M.Sc. (Physics) ,B.Sc (PCM) )
Ms. Sapna Verma (M.Sc. (Mathematics) ,B.Sc. (Computer) )
Mrs. Shalini Sharma (Ph.D (Chemistry) ,M.Sc (Chemistry) ,B.Sc (Chemistry) )
Mr. Sumit Bhatiya (Ph.D (Chemistry) ,M.Sc. (Chemistry) ,B.Sc. (Chemistry) )
Mrs. Vandana Upadhyaya (M.Phill (English Literature) ,M.A (English Literature) ,B.Sc (Biology))