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Department Faculties

Head of Department
Dr. Vikesh Gupta is an excellent teacher and a well-known researcher. He has 8 International Publications to his credit. He is a true academician and a constant source of support and inspiration for the students.
Vikesh Gupta
Associate Professor
Dr. Vikesh Gupta (Ph.D (physics) ,M.Sc ( physics) ,B.Sc (Computer Sci.))
Assistant Professor
Mrs. Abhilasha Sharma (Ph.D. ,M.Phil (Mathematics) ,M.Sc (mathematics) ,B.Sc (Computer Science) )
Mr. Manish Sharma (M.Phil (Mathematics) ,M.Sc (mathematics) ,B.Sc (Mathematics) )
Ms. Nidhi Bhandari (M.Phil (Mathematics) ,M.Sc (Mathematics) ,B.Sc. (Computer Science) , )
Mrs. Preeti Dubey (PhD Course Work ,M.A.)
Dr. Sanjay Jain (Ph.D ,M.Tech (Laser Physics) ,M.Sc. (Physics) ,B.Sc (PCM) )
Mrs. Shalini Sharma (Ph.D (Chemistry) ,M.Sc (Chemistry) ,B.Sc (Chemistry) )
Mr. Vishnu Barman (PhD Course Work ,M.Phil ,MA)
Ms. Madhuri Verma (M.Sc. (Chemistry) ,B.Sc. (Chemistry) )